Randy Owes Me Money!

Real Estate Property

Quiet One Bedroom Suite
Detail Rent : $ 495,00 / month
Amenities : Small Appliances, Utilities, Water, Electric
Two-story House
Detail Rent : $ 1,450,00 / month
Living space : 1,875,00 Sq. Ft.
Amenities : Cable ready, Microwave, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Balcony, Deck, Patio, Garage, Fenced Yard, Laundry Room / Hookups, Fireplace, Oven / Range

I started working as an Apartment Manager where I lived (Wood Tree Apt) in September 2005. I'm learning many new things here. The owner (Randy) first used JPM Real Estate Services, Portland, OR 97219, my position with them was "Key Holder", then about 2 years later the owner (Randy S. (click here for pic)) used C & R Real Estate, Portland, OR 97205, my position with them was an "Apartment Manager". C & R Real Estate was a great company to work for. Then after a year with C & R Real Estate the owner dropped them and wanted to save money by managing the apartments himself. That was a BIG mistake. I didn't like working "with the owner" or "for the owner" so I left Oct 30, 2011. He was so, so unprofessional, and I'm not sure if he knew what he was doing. He didn't force full rent payments and he did accept partial rent payments. Then the next month, Randy would give out 72 hr notices to the tenants that were behind on their rent because the owner let them pay partial rent. The owner cannot give out a 72 hr notice to someone who paid partial rent! When I left in Nov 2011, Randy was using InterWest Properties, Inc. This year, 2014, looks like Randy is using 316 Property Management. This year 2015, Randy is using Peterson Properties of Portland, LLC in Tigard. This year, 2016, Randy is using ADI Properties Inc.  Randy can't seem to find the right Property Management Company to take care of his apartment complexes, that Randy's dad helped Randy get with his dad's $100,000.00 to help Randy buy Wood Tree Apts (according to the Washington County Land Use Records in Hillsboro, OR).


 (Each Time Randy Changes Property Management Businesses I'll Add It To The List On This Page)


The apartments I did manage from 2005 to 2011 was
The Wood Tree Apts (just 14 units) on 13460 - 13470 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton, OR, and Valley 4-Plex (just 4 units, Randy sold it on 3/17/2016 for $500,000) 6105 Valley Ave in Beaverton, OR.

My duties of two people was:

  1. Onsite Manager / On call 24/7 / While Working Another Full Time Job
  2. Cleaned around the apartment complexes
  3. Get apartment ready for new tenant (I cleaned whole Apt, I shampooed the carpets, I painted the whole apt, and I did any maintenance)
  4. Fix any small repairs like; Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, etc.
  5. Dealt promptly with all means of contact from tenants and potential tenants
  6. Verified that rental applications were properly completed
  7. Faxed the completed applications with all documentation to the outside screening company for review
  8. Reviewed the returned applications and determined the rental status of the potential tenant based on that review
  9. Prepared the lease and all addenda included in the rental packet
  10. Met with the potential tenants to complete the leasehold process
  11. Collected and Deposit the Rent
  12. Provided receipts to tenants as needed.
  13. To record the rents I had to buy this software with my own money, $250, Rental Property Manager 2
  14. Mediated in tenant-to-tenant disputes
  15. Established payment plans to collect back rent in a timely manner (this was up to the owner)
  16. Developed working contacts on a first-name basis with staff of all regulatory agencies in the community
  17. Developed the majority of necessary forms used in recording data for company management
  18. Recorded all necessary entries in the property's financial records for submission to the company
  19. Developed and maintained the individual tenants' ledger records
  20. Contacted the utility company to inform of the change in tenant status so that the proper bill would result
  21. Controlled the parking lots by verifying that tenants were properly parking their vehicles
  22. Verified that the laundry facilities were available to tenants in working order during specified hours and cleaned
  23. Secured the laundry facilities during off periods
  24. Maintained the cleanliness of common areas
  25. Scheduled maintenance tasks promptly upon notification of a problem or I would do the maintenance myself.
  26. Determined that the correction was properly completed to tenant satisfaction
  27. I did small plumbing repairs (fix a leaky faucet, unclog drains, fix toilet, etc.)
  28. I did small electrical work (replace the connector for the stove's burner, replace a electrical socket, etc.)


For ALL of this I should of received:

Free Rent for 2-bedroom, which I did not get. I had to pay about $100.00 a month.

About $200 per month for Petty Cash Funds for both Apartments I managed, which I did not get (Total:$3,690.00)

Payment for Painting 25 Apartments after tenants moved out, which I did not get (Total: $5,450.00)

Payment for Repairs to Apartments, which I did not get (Total: $828.00)

Randy ripped me off of about $9,968.00.

I received about 950 emails in 3 years from the owner. 95% of the emails were not important!
I got about one to four phone calls per week from the owner, again not important!


I painted about 25 apartment units all by myself (total cost for all the apts I painted would be if someone else did it: $5,450.00 in just labor, I received no money for doing this!)

All the Maintenance Jobs I did for a total of $828.00. (I received no money for doing this!)

Use my own money for the Petty Cash Funds (total for 2009 to 2011: $3,690.00, I never got reimbursed for Petty Cash Funds!)

Should owe me for 24/7 On Call (Average two times a week for 108 weeks = $5,400.00.)